Food Spices

The Popular Spices Across The World

People have been using spices around the world for many centuries. Spices are designed to change the taste of the dish- either cooked or raw. Without them, you will not get that delicious food on your table. Each country has its favorite spices.

List of the most popular spices across the world

Basilpopular spices

Basil is the most popular spice in the world. It is used for cooking, either fresh or dried. Being the most versatile herb, Basil is perfect for all fish and meat dishes as well as most vegetables. It can be used separately or in together with other spices. This spice gives your food a mild sour sweet taste. As basil cannot withstand a lot of heat, it should be used few minutes until your food is cooked.


This is a popular spice across the world and used and flavors and seasoning in a wide variety of foods. Cinnamon is mainly used to flavor drinks, biscuits, pickles, fruit and cottage cheese. Moreover, this spice can be added to fruit and vegetable salads for pork, lamb and poultry dishes.


Mustard is among the popular spices used in sausages and grilled meat as well as eggs. This spice comes in many flavors and can be added to all types of vegetable oils, salads, and sauces. Mustard can be used on numerous recipes either in whole seed or powder form. Mustard is an excellent emulsifier that is used as a protective coating during thermal processing of fish, poultry, and red meats. It prevents not only leakage of juice in meats but also perfumes the dish.


In moderation, cloves can be used many foods, wines, and confectionery. It can be added to rice, meats to produce a spicy mixture. It provides a good aroma to pork, game birds and most vegetables. In sweet dishes such as pastries and puddings, cloves can be used alone or mixed with cinnamon.


This is oGingerne of the most favorite spices in the world. Besides being used in confectionery, ginger is perfect for meat, rice, eggs, desserts and vegetable dishes. Also, ginger is used in soft drinks and beer. It can be eaten raw, cooked or used in powder form. Recently. Ginger has become most popular spices across the world due to its weight loss properties.


Turmeric is a popular spice that goes well with fish, beans, cheese, and egg dishes. It is used as natural food color to salads and rice dishes. Turmeric does not only make food fresh but also preserves your food. Spices add life to most foods we consume on daily basis. These most popular spices across the world are being used in all parts of the world.