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Key Features Of Bouncy Castles You Should Pay Attention To

In this age of television, computers, and smartphones, a bouncy castle comes across as a perfect gift for your kids. Not only will they get a lot of fun and some light physical exercise out of it, but they will also get an opportunity to socialize with other children through fun and play. This is very important, especially given the fact that it is somewhat difficult to encourage our children to engage in physical exercises nowadays, mainly due to all kinds of distractions of modern technology.

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Therefore, whether you choose to buy a bouncy castle or rent one from providers, you can be sure your kid/s will have lots of fun, while at the same time reaping the benefits of physical activities.

Now, if you have no previous experience with bouncy castles, you will probably have some difficulties when buying or renting one. To help you out, we will provide you with a small list of features you should pay attention to.

Ball Pits

ballsAnother fairly common feature of bouncy castles is a ball pit. Even though you may end up paying extra for this feature, you can be sure it will bring a new fun dimension to the castle. You can easily find a variety of multicolored pits that can give the castle that exciting playhouse feeling.

Castle Slides

These days, the majority of bouncy castle types feature fun slides. These have become a fairly common sight, and they usually serve as either an entrance or an exit from a castle.

Anchor Pegs

These pieces of equipment are relatively similar to tent pegs, as they basically have the same function. If you decide to place your bouncy castle on a grassy surface, you will need these pegs in order to ensure its stability. To do that, all you have to do is pin the castle with the pegs into the ground. This way, you will make sure the castle doesn’t collapse of gets blown away during windy weather.

Carrying Bags

Another handy extra feature of bouncy castles are definitely carrying bags. While these will not add anything substantial to the castle itself, they will certainly make it easier to transport the product itself and all the additional equipment. They also provide a very convenient way of storing the castle, when you have no need for it.

Electric Fans & Generators

These additions can be quite useful for your bouncy castle, as they can provide a continuous flow of air into the castle. With them, you can be sure the castle will remain inflated at all times and that its structure will continue to be strong and sound. Even though the majority of modern bouncy castle models feature these, make sure to check beforehand, as some models do not have them.