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Characteristics Of The High School

Among one of the leading girl’s schools in Anglia is Ipswich high school. Many parents opt to take their girls to Ipswich for many reasons. The standard of education and the value they instill in pupils is just outstanding. They have the perfect system made just for girls to have what they need in the society. The school might just be the ideal school for girls considering some of its characteristics.


The School

The school is divided into four basing on the age group to make sure you daughter achieves future excellence.books There is the woodland prep school for girls under five years. The junior school is for girls aged between 5 years and 11 years. The senior school is for pupils aged between 11 to 16 and finally the sixth form is meant for girls.

Regardless of age, the school offers a favorable environment where a girl can learn and flourish in the society.The school is located in Woolverstone near Ipswich on an 84-acre site. It has an excellent reputation in Anglia for being the best girls’ private school.


The school has competitive fees very highly. Ability and potential offer scholarships. For those talented girls whose parents are financially unable to support them, the school offers those bursaries. The school is devoted to making sure the brightest students get an opportunity to getting a GDST education regardless of financial constraints. Over 10.5 million funds are allocated by the girls day school trust for bursaries and scholarships.

Extracurricular Activities

The school aims at providing education for an all-around student hence extracurricular activities is incorporated into the curriculum. The School has clubs in which students engage to promote confidence and wellbeing throughout the school. They also have an impressive international travel that has vested places Mozambique Vietnam and Berlin.

To enrich educational experience pupils also get to use the extraordinary natural surroundings. The river is used for exploration and sailing. The 84 acres of land provides ample space for relaxation and sporting activities. The school also has access to natural ponds within its perimeters for scientific study. The girls of the school also have opportunities to compete with other in sporting rallies art exhibitions; dance shows music competitions seminars and swimming galas on a national stage.


Academic excellence is the priority at Ipswich school. They have an exceptional curriculum that allows flexibility. They implement a personalized curriculum which is an innovative, forward thing and fun.

The effectiveness of their curriculum is evident from their GCSE and A-level exam results. In 2015 100% of A-level, students were guaranteed to pass with admission to Russell University. Over 40% of students study technology, engineering medicines, and Maths at the University.

All-round students

writing on paperIpswich is geared towards academic excellence for an all-around student. The school ensures girls get equal opportunities and access to education at all cost.

Through scholarships and bursaries, even the less-abled students are guaranteed to get an education and exploit their r potentials. From their previous results. Success is also guaranteed.