What You Should Know About Concrete Waterproofing

A wise man once said that if he had known diamonds glitter, he would have spared himself the embarrassment of picking stones instead. Most of us are in many ways comparable to this man due to our high vulnerability to ignorance. Ignorance is very costly, and I’d rather know everything than know nothing at all. You may not be interested in knowing much about building materials and what revolves around them but if you read through this piece, you can add this information into you huge general knowledge memoir, and it will at some point in time turn out to be useful to you or to someone else.

Concrete waterproofing is a topic quite intense bman paintingut there’re always those chapters that are must reads. If you can’t know everything about concrete waterproofing & protection products, then you should at least try and grasp something. There are four important things you should know about concrete waterproofing and as you read further I will elaborate.

What is concrete waterproofing

Concrete waterproofing is a method of reinforcing concrete which is a very porous building material and making it more resilient and less susceptible to water penetration and retention. Buildings made out of waterproof concrete are very strong, durable and quite safe to live in.

How much does concrete waterproofing cost?

Concrete waterproofing is very costly but depending on your choice, you can decide to buy the already waterproofed concrete slabs or buy the waterproofing materials and go about the process manually. On average the entire process might cost an average $1000 to $10,000, but if you are building a new structure, you may as well consider buying waterproofed concreted to save you the hustle of future restorations.

Can I do the waterproofing on my own or do I need to call some

Unless painteryou are certified for this job, please do not venture on your own. Concrete waterproofing needs experts who will examine the concrete slab, identify the intensity of damage done by water and advice further on which waterproofing method is best.

What happens if I don’t waterproof my concrete slabs?

If you do not waterproof your concrete either of these four things will happen:

  • Your house/building/structure is bound to collapse
  • Within a short time, the house will go from looking beautiful to ugly due to mold growth and mildew
  • You are at risk of contracting diseases like asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis due to overexposure to humid air
  • You may end up living with water parasites and critters