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Ways You Can Pair Your Cropped Jacket

Do you have a party but do not know what to wear? Well, why not pair your outfit with a cropped jacket? You will be amazed at the transformation it will give to your look. You should have at least one cropped jacket in your closet. It can transform your outfit from a simple look to a more sophisticated look. There are more than one ways on how you can wear your unique cropped white jacket. You can never go wrong with this trendy jacket. Read on to find out different ways you can pair your jacket for that chic look all the time.

Different ways

Shift dress

womanA cropped jacket can be a good combination with your shift dress. It will give you that professional look you need for the office. It will define your waist giving you a more feminine look. You can complete this look by adding earrings and even bracelets. Do not forget to add a nice pair of pumps to go with it. The heels will elongate your legs. Furthermore, the jacket adds details to your shift dress. Add a classy handbag and you are good to go. The jacket defines your waist giving you a confident look anytime.  The next time you are wearing your shift dress put a cropped jacket on top, and you get a great transformation.

Maxi dress

Pair your cropped jacket with a maxi dress for a simple yet elegant look. The shape of the cropped jacket goes well with maxi dress length.   You can accessorize with a leather bag and earthy accessories. The maxi dress and cropped jacket is a suitable combination for an evening night out with your friends.


Skirts are also a good pair for your jacket. To achieve the best look make sure that the skirt is a high waist. The skirt and cropped jacket look are suitable for wearing to the office. You can pair your white jacket with a skirt of any color.

Loose top

woman with flowy top You should wear your flowy top with a cropped jacket.  The cropped jacket will add shape to your lose top. The jacket will give you a look that you need to have an elegant look. You can pair it with sandals or earrings to give you an outstanding look.  There is no doubt that you will get a transformation on your outfit. It is great for a night out or even during the weekend.