How to kill gnats in house or kitchen

House gnats are little creatures that cumbersome to get rid of. They are attracted by moist conditions especially during summer and winter. The more humid it is, the more gnats thrive in your home. Gnats feed off fungus and you will find them hoovering around left over meals, vegetable or fruits that has been left unattended. They tend to lay their eggs in lakes, ponds and general wet areas. Poor waste management causes gnats to thrive in trash cans and waste disposal areas.

In the kitchen, you will find them on water logged spots e.g. around pipes and drains. Generally, gnats are as of poor sanitation due to poor garbage disposal. Gnat infestations are high in such environments.


How to get rid of gnats

There are a few recommendations on how to get rid of house gnats.

1. The source

You need to find out where the house gnats are coming from. Once you get their harboring ground you can start the intervention.

2. Exterminate

Do not be fooled, getting rid of the gnats is not an easy task. It takes patience and tact. You may use simple homemade ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. Mixed a table spoon of vinegar into a few drops of dish soap diluted with a cup of water each. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Go ahead and spray the gnats to oblivion. This is a friendly way of getting rid of the gnats. You do not need chemicals for this exercise.

Preventive measures

Once you have successfully sprayed the gnats to oblivion you need to incorporate preventive measures that will ensure they do not come back. These will include such simple remedies as ;
As much as possible store your food in air tight containers

Maintain cleanliness in your kitchen and dining room regularly. Dispose off left over food scraps and cook the remains

Avoid leaving fruits within open spaces where gnats can reach them.
Always cover your garbage and waste cans around your house and kitchen.

Check your doors and windows to make sure they are properly sealed with no gaps where gnats could enter. You may incorporate the use of a tight mesh without holes on these openings.

Gnats breed in moist places, so look out for damp corners in the kitchen and other areas of the house. Use bleach to wipe these damp spots to prevent the gnats.



When all these fail, bring out the big guns and use a professional insect spray. There is a wide range of herbicides in the market. Spray the gnats and their habit. Always check on the labels for the components of the spray for any harmful effects to humans or pets around your home. Use a professional insect spray.